We are an upscale painting and finishing contractor based in Southern California. Founded in 1973, Hoppe Brothers & Sons is a tri-generational family owned and operated organization that has worked tirelessly to establish a reputation of superb quality and an attention to detail unlike any other for decades.

Currently under the leadership of cousins Michael and Bob Hoppe (Second Generation), we operate with a fluctuating staff of 45-55 employees, five of which are family members. Celebrating our staff, we pride ourselves on employee retention hosting 4 employees for 25+ years, 12 employees for 20+ years and over 60% of the staff for over 10 years of service and development.

With current systems of retirement planning, health insurance packages, and significant on-site career development and training in place, we operate unlike most contractors. Leadership takes a position of staff investment and believes strongly in career building. Honesty, integrity, and reliability are some of the fundamental values we are built on and continue to operate on today. Recognizing our clientele’s elitism, we believe clearly communicating culture and employing team members who share these beliefs are crucial to creating an environment in sync with leadership and clientele values.

Operating above the influence of questionable or illegal activity is required without question. As laws and regulations are becoming increasingly strict, we take a firm stand on these issues and employ a zero tolerance policy. Much of the industry has fallen victim to dishonorable operating practices including black market employment, under-insured or lack of insurance, improper disposal of hazardous waste, incorrect tax reporting, applying cost-saving inferior paint & materials, and countless more. We respect our clientele and can ensure all customers of integrity, legality, and compliance with all California state laws.

Having grown to solidify its reputation in the market, Hoppe Brothers primarily operates in the up-scale coastal cities stretching from San Diego to Oxnard and everything inland. Although primarily concentrated on residential projects, we deliver services to a wide array of projects including commercial warehouses, retail spaces, office environments, high-rise penthouses, and even yachts; there is no project too small or too large.

While we fall under the umbrella of painting contractors, we feel that this term does not adequately describe who we are. With over 70% of our current on-going projects sourcing from return customers and routine maintenance, we have built life-long relationships with our clientele and believe problem solvers more accurately describes our service scope.

California natives Howard and William Hoppe were born in 1937 & 1939 respectively into a blue-collar middle-class family. Immediately after high-school graduation, the brothers enlisted and served in the United States Navy. Upon completion of their duties in the service, the brothers returned home to Southern California and joined their fathers painting contracting company. However, in 1973 the brothers dissented from their father’s company and started their own painting service. With nothing more than some shabby paint clothes and a will to succeed, the journey of Hoppe Brothers & Sons was officially underway.

Over the past four decades, we have worked tirelessly to elevate our evolving skills and craftsmanship. In 1980 the addition of the second generation, and current leadership, Michael and Bob Hoppe assisted the multi-generational company in its pursuit to becoming a recognized industry leader. With excellent field supervision, long-term key personnel, and talented team members we have been fortunate to evolve and grow with continued success. Carrying a vision for success and an unmatched diversified quality service offering, we are a solidified service provider in the Southern California painting and finishing marketplace.

Our partnership with our father’s Howard & William came to a close after twenty-eight years in 2003 when the time came for them to retire from the business they had founded. With the promotion of long time field manager Frank Buenrostro and the development of key role-players including Carlos Rodriguez and Ramiro Perez, the legacy of Hoppe Brothers & Sons continues to move forward as the team continues to impress existing and new clientele alike throughout the Greater Los Angeles and Orange County Metropolitan area.

Bob Hoppe Business Operations Director

Serving as Director of Operations as well as Primary Estimator for Hoppe Brothers & Sons, Bob uses his knowledge to lead the operations of Hoppe Brothers & Sons. Bob served several position on the board for the local chapter of PDCA (Painting & Decorating Contractors of America) including President and is currently and active member of Vistage International. With the knowledge gained through his educational pursuits and relationships created in PDCA, Vistage, and networking, Bob has developed a highly-respected position in the industry. Committed to running an operation of integrity and honesty, Bob’s vision for the future is Hoppe Brothers competitive advantage staying ahead of the reast utilizing technology, education, and continued training.

Michael Hoppe Field Operations Director

Michael's passion for finishing and his innovative ideas keep us on the cutting-edge. Michael enjoys sharing his passion of creativity with our clientele and he holds a special ability to take ideas and descriptions of finishes with only a few adjectives and turn them into reality! With a deep understanding of decorative painting and product chemistry, Michael has excelled in the industry and continues to break through barriers. Michael’s deep product understanding gives us a strong advantage over competition and promotes product durability and toughness. Committed to ensure our compliance with environmental regulations and limiting our environmental footprint, Michael's chemistry knowledge gives us an undeniable advantage in this arena.

Travis Hoppe Field Operations Manager

Travis Hoppe joined the Hoppe Brothers & Sons team full-time in 2009 after completing his Associates Degree at Santiago Canyon College. Travis worked part-time during his time at Santiago acting as the team member’s point-of-contact running supplies and tools needed on-site since 2005. This period of time familiarized him well with our team, products, and customers. Since graduation, Travis has discovered a passion for the craft of painting and finishing working alongside Michael and Frank where he has learned trade secrets from some of the most valued sources in the industry. Travis currently is acting as a team lead and project manager. Travis has been successful in rising to his current position quickly from a system of internal promotion after starting at the bottom; a system implemented by first generation founders Howard and William. Spanning from his teenage years, Travis has worked his way through the system and deploys a fundamental understanding of the Hoppe Brothers culture of professionalism and attentiveness in his leadership and management position today.

Tyler Hoppe Controller

Tyler Hoppe has been working for Hoppe Brothers & Sons since 2004. Starting at the bottom and working up, Tyler has worked to understand all aspects of our services and is constantly working to improve accuracy and efficiency, primarily through technology. After graduating high school in 2006, Tyler attended California State University of Fullerton and graduated in 2011 earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in General Management. During his educational pursuit, Tyler worked to bring course concepts and knowledge back to Hoppe Brothers, many of which have proved beneficial and are in place today. Since graduating, Tyler has been a full-time team member and has been dedicated to learning the business inside out including tasks such as customer satisfaction indicators, team member skill sets, administration policies, service qualifiers/winners/losers, accounting systems, and profitable job management. Today Tyler holds a solid understanding of Hoppe Brothers & Sons operation and his role has transitioned to company controller overseeing all administrative tasks including payables, receivables, benefit packages, payroll, legal compliance, etc.

Frank Buenrostro Field Operations Manager

Frank Buenrostro currently acts as the field-operations director for Hoppe Brothers & Sons. Dating back to 1984 when Frank joined our team as a young apprentice, Frank has worked his way through the ranks to his current position. Holding a special understanding of our clientele and market, Frank uses his uniquely diverse skill set to effectively problem solve almost any issue he faces. One of Frank’s most valuable characteristics is his tranquility; the team relies heavily on Frank when conditions seem daunting, but time after time Frank proves his ability through his calm nature and profound expertise to efficiently troubleshoot the situation to solution. Although Frank is in high demand, he still exposes his passion for his craft and hunger for knowledge through his continued on-site participation in all aspects of the industry including anything from rudimentary sanding to intricate chemistry experiments with new product technology. After decades of loyalty and professionalism, Frank is widely considered throughout to be one of the Hoppe family.

Carlos Rodriguez Sales & Estimates

Carlos Rodriguez joined the Hoppe Brothers & Sons team in 1999. Carlos spent the first year on staff in the field working on-site with the team familiarizing himself with the industry and more importantly, our culture of customer service and quality. In 2001, after learning the ins-and-outs of our organization, Carlos began his transition to his true calling and current position: Sales and Estimates/Project Management. Carlos has spent years working closely with Bob learning the complex system of proposals and estimates. Investing in his thirst for knowledge, Carlos spent a year being formally trained in the field of blueprint analysis for increased accuracy and more efficient proposals. Along with his sales and estimation duties, Carlos is also responsible to oversee and manage the contracts he sells along with others. Acting as the primary point of contact for the team and enabling them to stay focused on their tasks, Carlos stays busy and can often be seen on-site ensuring efficiency.

Tara Gross Office Administrator

Tara Gross joined Hoppe Brothers & Sons team in 2008. Through years of customer relations, Tara brings a multifaceted set of skills to Hoppe Brothers & Sons. Overseeing everything from the daily tasks including answering the phone and handling office needs, to receivables and payables, Tara has it all covered with a smile on her face!