Exterior Pillar Removal

Who’s gunna solve it? US! In this post we walk through a process that Hoppe Brothers executed from start to finish, something most contractors avoid. The client had a dated-stylistic pillar that protruded out from the entrance of their residence nearly 2 feet. At one point in time, this was in style and matched the look & feel of the era/location. Today, it needed to go! Not wanting to have a carpenter, waterproofer, and plaster applicator all come out for one job, this LONG term client turned to the people they knew could get the job done start-to-finish; and get it done right!

This shot shows the portion of the exterior where the beam originally protruded. It was a large 12″ X 12″ beam that required some tools and expertise to adequately remove, We needed to ensure the beam was removed deep enough into the exterior wall that we can properly waterproof & re-plaster the area. We ensured the material was removed 2″ into the wall. Once the beam was removed, we rolled the existing steel flanges back into over the remaining beam.

Ensuring the highest quality job and most long term (permanent) solution, we applied a great deal of waterproof, flexible epoxy to seal the area without question. The image below shows the amount and method in which we applied the epoxy.

Once the epoxy had cured overnight, we installed structural wire over the epoxy. This is necessary both to give the plaster strength, but also provides superior adhesion and long term resistance to the elements.

Its time to plaster! We used an exterior stucco “browning” base coat. This material is coarse and provides maximum strength, durability, and adhesion to the area.

After the browning had cured overnight, we sourced a plaster that matched the existing texture and consistency EXACTLY. We applied 3 thins passes and floated the patch out to ensure maximum camouflage.

The final step is the one we’re best at, painting! We primed and painted the entire wall with 3 coast of finish paint. Once the paint dried, the spot was correctly and effectively completed. See finished shot below!